Kayaking into Sunset

We are your local Jackson Kayak Dealer. We have paddle and peddle models in stock today. Call us at 207-647-5100 or text 207-647-3000 for pricing and availability. 

Jackson BIT REC

With the trend in price-point fishing kayaks trending towards compromise in hull quality, performance, gear management, and comfort, Jackson Kayak's new Bite doesn't cut corners.  Starting at $799

Jackson TUPELO 12

Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency with loads of storage, the Tupelo is your premier, feature-laden recreational kayak. Like touring and whitewater kayaks, the Tupelo comes sized for the paddler, with the 12.5 for larger paddlers and the lighter, narrower 12.0 ideal for medium or smaller paddlers. 

Starting at $999

Jackson Tripper 12

The Tripper is based on the stable and versatile Kilroy hull. This sit-inside recreational kayak is designed for fun family adventure. The Tripper 12 comes with loads of storage space, our super-comfy Hi-Lo Ergo Seat, and never ending ways to personalize it for your own use. Starting at $1,099

Jackson 360 Tri Cat

Double your fun with one of the newest members of the Blue Sky family! A trimaran whose generous deck accommodates a wide range of outfitting and propulsion options, the Tri-Cat will appeal to families, resorts, anglers and adventurers who want to leave nothing behind. Starting at $5,999

Jackson Big Rig

One of Jackson Kayak’s most popular fishing kayaks now gets the upgrades of both its HD predecessors, the Coosa HD and Cuda HD in the Big Rig HD/FD. Most importantly, the Big Rig HD can be converted into the Big Rig FD with purchase of the Pedal Pod system. Starting at $3,499

Hewitt Impulse

10'x31"x10", Neoprene-Foam Seat Cushion-Backrest.

Starting at $599

Jackson Bite FD

Our new Flex Drive 3D is the product of two years of constant evolution in three key components: power, propulsion and steering. From bow to stern, the Flex Drive 3D delivers unparalleled user versatility, efficency and convenience on the water.  Starting at $2,199

Blue Sky 360 Pro

Ready to take your Blue Sky Boatworks experience to the next level? Introducing the Blue Sky 360 Pro! This boat comes rigged and ready to fish with features like an integrated electronic wiring system with relay, mounting options for either foot-controlled or transom-mounted trolling motors, wide, open deck layout and steering skeg. Starting at $2,999

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